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Makata-o (Germany/MKT-O)


Since their founding in late 2013 the Leipzig-based duo Makata-o is constantly hitting the road while devouring several clubs around Europe´s underground with it´s fuzzy bass-based sludge combined with high performed and constantly blasting drums. Makata-o´s deep and aggressive sound sythesizes rough screamed vocals with some more lightened singing parts and very intense live-performances.
Their sold out debut cassette `Infuso Verde´, released in June 2013, presented the roots of their musical influences in stoner, doom and sludge and marked just the beginning of their audibly movement to the sound they now have.
After the work of more than one year and right after their tour with their second album `A Small Thing Called Earth´, `Polarized´ is now the third album and the very first which is available on vinyl.
Armed with just a bass guitar and drums, Makata-o create a fuzzy wall of sludge which will devour you and spit you right out into a puddle spiked with a healthy dose of melodic aggression.

Echo of Your Thoughts
Empty Inside
My Body Knows Something I Don´t
The Message
Rising Tide
Your Disease
Try to Breathe